Round 7 GT cup Open Barcelona

Published on 27 October 2021 at 16:26

Unfortunately, the last race of the GT Cup Open is also over. This time we took four cars to the sunny Spain. Of course Mat and Artur were present again with their purple 991. Jan was also with us again, the duo Nicolas and Dirk and this time also Filip and Dirk's nephew, Bas Schouten.
A part of the free practice sessions were already held on Thursday, as well as the rest of the free practice sessions on Friday. We wanted to do like in Spa again, when only our team was on the podium. As a team you couldn't have any better!

Saturday time for qualifying 1 and race 1. The cars were ready and it was time to hit the track. There was driving fast and we ended with Jan on pole, Filip just missed the podium with a fourth place, followed by Nicolas with a sixth place and Mat with an eighth place. Around three o'clock in the afternoon it was time to leave for the starting grid for the first race of the weekend. The start had fallen and our Q1 cars were well off. Because the GT Cup works with penalty seconds, some of us had gained extra seconds with the pit stop. Unfortunately, 3 minutes before the end, Artur had an accident with a GT3 car. The damage was unfortunately too big to continue driving for this weekend. Very sorry. Race 1 ended with two podium places for our team. Jan arrived in second place and Dirk and Nicolas crossed the line in third.
New round of new opportunities on Sunday. We started the day again with a qualification. Race 2 couldn't have started better for us, Dirk drove his first pole ever in his young career, Jan started second and Bas and Filip started third. Race 2 was exciting. We have been standing 1, 2 and 3 for a long time. After the pit stop it was the turn of Filip and Nicolas to take over from their teammates. Unfortunately, things turned out differently for Filip. He was unable to finish the race due to a broken wheelhouse. Very unfortunate, they were so good in the game. Race two Jan became first and the Vandierendonck-Schouten duo were able to finish the weekend with a second place!

Our super team has become champion among the teams! At the GT Open you also get points as a team and we have earned these points in our name. Cousins ​​change a winning team! (family)

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