PCCB Zandvoort round 2

Published on 8 June 2024 at 23:10

For round two we are in Zandvoort. In Qualifying 1 and 2, the drivers from Q1-trackracing were immediately on point. Niels took pole position in Qualifying 1 with Dirk in P2. In Qualifying 2, Dirk secured pole while Niels set the fourth fastest time. Valters was impeded in his two fast laps and therefore couldn’t set a good time. As a result, his first race was a tough challenge, finishing in P13.

In race 1, the start decided the victory. The two teammates started from the front row. At the first start, Dirk was off too early but was saved by a race neutralization. At the restart, Niels, who had started from P1, had too much wheel spin and had to let Dirk, who had a good start this time,  ahead in the first corner. The duo pulled away from the competition and didn’t give each other an inch. Ultimately, Dirk crossed the finish line first, closely followed by Niels. The team is super happy with this one-two finish. Tomorrow, Dirk starts from pole and defends his lead in the championship.

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