Race 1 GT Cup Open Paul Richard

Published on 19 May 2021 at 21:51

Last weekend it was finally time for the first round of the GT Cup Open with our new drivers Maciej Darmekto and Artur Janosz at the Paul Richard circuit. After a long time, our Polish friends were finally able to get behind the wheel with the goal: to be the fastest Polish drivers off the field. This year there are many compatriots at the start of the championship.

Artur is a professional, very fast driver who has driven F3 and the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asia and together with Maciej these two form a very strong duo that wants to go together for the victory. A field of participants with 12 cup cars is waiting on the beautiful southern French circuit. On Friday it was time for the free practice sessions and the first qualifying session. Everything went well, the car was good, time to show what they have to offer.

The first qualifying session was driven by Artur. A really good, well-deserved P2! Great time and place to start the weekend. On Saturday it was time for race 1. Artur, who had driven qualifying, will also drive the first race of the weekend. The starting shot had been given and Arthur was off like a rocket, he was directly in front and kept everyone nicely behind him. It was a great race to be and we finished with a nice third place. A good  performance for a first race in a new championship with a completely new team.

On Sunday it was Maciej's turn. Maciej has less experience and all the circuits this season are new to him. As Maciej was still getting to know a new metier, the team had made a tactical move. We knew Maciej was not going to drive the first place in qualification, so we didn't give him new tires. Yet he has finished fifth place overall and that on a still relatively unknown circuit. A really good job he did there. In the afternoon it was time for race 2. Mac took the start and was able to keep racing in the field
 well. After half an hour it was time for Artur and .... he got the new tires. We had left the still new unused tires for Artur on purpouse, so that he could race on new rubber, while the other tires were already a lot worn out. Artur has overtaken no less than 6 cars. Maciej has also made tremendous progress this weekend! Race 2 we finished in second place. The weekend couldn't be better.
We are proud! We want to thank everyone for the support and help this weekend. Without the team it is not possible to achieve these results.

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