Round 2 GT Cup Open Spa Francorchamps

Published on 21 June 2021 at 19:59
Last weekend we were again at the beautiful Spa Francorchamps. With no less than 4 cars we were ready for the GT Cup Open. Maciej and Artur drove again in the 991.2, Filip drove together with Jaap van Lagen, Jan and Bas Schouten were a team together and Nicolas and Dirk Schouten drove together on 1 car. Our goal for this weekend: As many Q1 cars as possible on the podium, preferably all of them. 
Friday was the day for the first free practice. Everything went well, the team was well prepared, the atmosphere was good. We had been in Spa since Wednesday for the Curbstone track day. On Friday morning in the second session, Maciej had made a mistake in the Eau Rouge and unfortunately ended up in the tire wall. The team immediately started to repair the car. There was quite a bit of damage but the car was back on the paddock the day after. Top job done by the team.
Result FP1: Lauryssen-Schouten 2:26.4
                 Darmetko-Janosz 2:27.6
                 Vandierdonck-Schouten 2:27.7
                 Teunkens-Van Lagen 2:28.4
Saturday is, as always, the first qualifying and the first race. Everyone was ready, ready for battle. We want the stage!
Result Q1: P2 Darmekto-Janosz
                P3 Lauryssen-Schouten
                P5 Teunkens-Van Lagen
                P6 Vandierdonck-Schouten
In the late afternoon it was finally time for race 1. The start was given and everyone went like a rocket. Artur rode directly in front. After La Source towards Eau Rouge he was sandwiched between the concrete wall and another rider. Arthur had no way out. It's a shame that such things have to happen. The match was over for them after 30 seconds. Very unfortunate because they were going to compete for the full championship. Unfortunately, only 3 cars remain. It was an exciting race and all of our pilots drove very well. We came for the podium, we certainly succeeded. The entire stage was in front of us! It's great that you can say place 1, 2 and 3 in your name as a team.
Result race 1: P1 Teunkens-Van Lagen
                     P2 Lauryssen- Schouten
                     P3 Vandierdonck-Schouten
We're very sorry for Artur and Maciej that their weekend had to end like this.
Q2 and the second race were held on Sunday. On Saturday, Filip, Nicolas and Jan drove the qualification. Sunday it was time for Jaap, Dirk and Bas. And yes, EMG was back at the top of the screen! That promises again for race 2.
Result Q2: P1 Teunkens-Van Lagen
                P2 Vandierdonck-Schouten
                P3 Lauryssen-Schouten
The second moto of the weekend went smoothly without a fight. We round off the weekend nicely and we can be very proud of our team. Not many teams will have achieved such great results in 2 days.
Result race 2: P1 Lauryssen- Schouten
                     P2 Vandierdonck-Schouten
We can certainly look back on a great weekend. The results were certain and we proved once again how strong a team we are. A group of people with a heart for motorsport who go to the bitter end. Never change a winning team! See you in 2 weeks in Zolder!
Greetings Hanne


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